Mishwar Amal "Journeys of Hope"
Scottish Charity Registration no. SC046995

empowering refugee youth to build a bright future, creatively

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here's a sneak preview of our 'Dream-Room' at the local refugee school, we still have some work and some fundraising to do before it's finished but we're getting there. At our last session there we played games, sang songs and of course, by popular demand, watched some Mr Bean! ... See MoreSee Less

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Marie-joe Ayoub is back, and this time she's brought back-up in the form of the fantastic Bechara Baroudi ART. Thanks to these Lebanese artists for coming again and helping bring some magic to this school for Syrian refugees. Among other things, we're turning one room into a 'Dream Room' where the youth can sit-back, relax and keep on dreaming - complete with full cinema set-up! Watch this space! ... See MoreSee Less

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At Mishwar we are sooooo lucky to have the support of the Nahr El Bared shabab - a team of Palestinian guys (and girls!) who volunteer to help us in our activities with the Syrian youth. Here you can see, we even have Mishwar Amal t-shirts <3 We are one big team Mishwar!

*bonus picture of our friend Ali Ali having a go on Tony's bagpipes!
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Newest release from the Mishwar Music Studio, go to our Music Studio Page to hear more – our first EP ‘Mishwar Music’ is available to buy now! Go to our bandcamp page to download 


Qosay’s song ‘Al Qosayr – Spring of Freedom’ is on our youtube channel and the lyrics have been added to pictures of the guys doing their thing recording with Mishwar Music and dancing in the playground!


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Mishwar Movies

Mishwar’s first movie night at Tel Abbas camp was a great success! 30 children and their families took part and were enthralled by Mr Bean the movie with popcorn and hotdogs all round! We need your support to be able to continue bringing the magic of cinema to the camps! 



Mishwar Amal started in 2016 in response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Lebanon. Our goal is to provide support and relief for refugee communities by helping develop community led creative, educational and recreational initiatives that will help improve the wellbeing and life-chances of these communities for the challenges facing them over the months and years ahead.