‘Mishwar’s Children’ – Documentary Film

Around Christmas 2017 filmaker Alexandre Garacotche stayed with the Mishwar team and accompanied us through our work and daily lives here in Akkar, North Lebanon. The documentary Film he made, beautifully captures the realities of our life and work here, with laughs and struggles in equal measure.

FNF and Mishwar collaboration 2018

Following our successful collaboration of the previous year we are continuing with another artistic project this year, this time with the focus on drawing and animation. Again working with a diverse group of youth we have been working on putting together their stories into an animation film which will bring their voices and concerns to...
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What we do

Mishwar started in May 2016 in response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Lebanon. Since 2011, well over 1 million Syrians have sheltered in the country, adding to the 500,000 Palestinian refugees residing in camps since 1948. Our goal is to provide support for refugee communities by launching creative projects led by the communities themselves,...
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FNF and Mishwar collaboration 2017

For 6 months in 2017 the Friedrich Neumann Foundation supported a music project of ours in the camps ‘Mishwar Maestros’. With over 70 children and the local communities involved the Mishwar team, led on this project by Aboodi and Hamode from the Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp, worked with groups of youth in 3...
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Welcome to Mishwar!

We’re back! Apologies for the technical difficulties, the site has been down for a while – it won’t happen again!  

Mishwar Music

We love music projects! Check out some young artists we recorded with in the camps and a singing and writing project we did with over 60 youth supported by the Friedrich Neumann Foundation