Welcome to Mishwar, a hub for youth in the refugee camps of North Lebanon

Mishwar started in 2016 in response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Lebanon. Our goal is to provide support and relief for refugee communities by helping develop community led creative, educational and recreational initiatives that will help improve the well-being and life-chances of these communities for the challenges facing them over the months and years ahead.

We are currently based and operating in the North of Lebanon, focusing on the region of Akkar where approximately half the population consists of Syrian refugees and we also work in the nearby Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr El Bared. This region of Lebanon is the poorest, has the highest refugee population per capital and is also under-served in terms of aid provision and government services; it is also a region in which our team has very strong community relationships among Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians.

The core tenet of Mishwar is that creativity can be a catalyst for helping to address the array of challenges faced by the realities of prolonged life in refugee camps. We are working with communities to help support and build capacities in creative and thoughtful ways. We currently have three main projects being implemented that need funding to develop and scale.


Mishwar Amal – empowering refugee youth to build a bright future, creatively.



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