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Tony is from Scotland and started Mishwar in 2016 while living in Akkar, Lebanon. Tony has a background in music, having been a member of the world’s largest circus in China among other things. Tony eats porridge and plays bagpipes like the cliched Scotsman he is!


Patrick is a professional animation artist from Lebanon whose art skills have taken him all over the world. When not drawing and creating, Patrick will most likely be found doing everything he can to help everyone he can!


Aboodi is a Palestinian raised in the Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee in north Lebanon. Aboodi works especially hard to organise all the kids and to make sure the Mishwar team is organised too! He’s also a recently graduated Architect and when not designing buildings or whipping the Mishwar team into shape he will most likely be found taking selfies!


Naila is half Scottish/Lebanese and brings her marketing and organisational skills to Mishwar. She also has 5 kids – 12 if you include the Mishwar team!

David & Shan

David and Shan are from Italy and England respectively and work together on projects also with Operazione Columba who also work locally. They ran a great Capoeira class at two ITS camps and when not teaching the world some ancient martial arts they can be found at Mishwar HQ eating chocolate spread!


Abdelrahman is a young talented guy from the nearby Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp and when not utilising his calm energy to engage the kids he can often be found pumping his formidable guns in the gym!


Youssef is Akkar’s baddest producer, bringing his unique cocktail of Arab hip-hop and chill vibes to the mishwar team. When not spinning rhymes and beats with the kids he’ll mostly be found spinning rhymes and beats with the Akkar rap group Ghoraba (check them out online, they’re awesome)


Sandy is a Yoga and Meditation teacher from Beirut who travels up to Akkar each week to help teach and instill mindfulness and control in the Mishwar kids. She also does a fine line in bringing more peace and mindfulness to the Mishwar team, who need it just as much!


Mowgli is our youngest team member at 1 year and a bit. She’s the most local and well-known of us all and when not pooping on the carpet she can be found destroying some potted plants or chewing that valuable thing you just left on the coffee table a minute ago.