maher’s campaign

we're raising money to save maher's hearing.

Introducing maher, a lovely young 14 year old Lebanese boy who suffers from an ear infection which has caused damage inside his eardrum and which requires medical attention to prevent further hearing loss, and constant pain. Maher and his family are our neighbours where we live in akkar and we know their situation well. we told maher and his parents that we cannot promise we will we able to cover these expenses but we know how important it is that we do it for maher and we will put this crowdfunder out to supporters and friends online to see what we can achieve together.

We need to raise $950 to cover maher’s treatment and we’re hoping you’ll be able to help us! We’ve added a scan here which shows clearly the massive hole in maher’s ear drum. we have completed several appointments with an ent speciailist also in north lebanon (the same place that helped young talib’s ear operation from a previous crowdfunder we did!) and have been instructed that the only way to proceed is with this operation. 

let’s see what we can do! if you cannot donate, please support our campaign by sharing with others who may be able to. Thank you, thank you.