meet hassan

waleed interviewed hassan about his drawings.

today we are sharing with you all the last but not least contribution from our ‘ourvoice’ kid’s journalism project. we have been so impressed and inspired by the way the kids have captured their own experiences and reality through the stories of those they know, trust and admire, using photography, film and conversation. there is something quite magical about kids being the journalists and being able to tell their own stories, and we hope to see a lot more of it, not just in our community here in lebanon, but across the world.

so, finally we present a film interview entitled, ‘the artist’, by waleed (pictured below), featuring hassan (the son of our shaweesha) and his artwork.

“my name is hassan farah, i’m 16 years old, from homs, syria. i’ve lived in lebanon for the last 7 years. drawing is one of my hobbies. it helps me to get rid of negative energy when i draw people. i didn’t learn this at school, but it happened while i was drawing, and an artist saw my work and encouraged me, and thus, i started to improve my drawing, learning from him and from youtube as well.”

اسمي حسان فرح، عمري 16 سنة. انا من سوريا، حمص ، و أعيش في لبنان منذ 7 سنوات
الرسم هو أحد هواياتي التي تساعدني على اخراج الطاقة السلبية عندما ارسم صور الناس، لم اتعلم الرسم في المدرسة و لكن بدأ ذلك عندما كنت أرسم و رآني فنان وقتها، فشجعني و من وقتها اتعلم منه و من اليوتيوب و تحسن مستواي كثيرا