Home education

Ahmad's building a school for the kids in his camp.

we’ve been building a local team this past year, and one of our super hardworking and talented colleagues has become our go-to builder across the two camps and the wider community. lately, ahmad has been working on building a classroom in his own camp, which is in a much more isolated and rural setting. he has just completed the space, complete with custom furniture and will be making it accessible to all the kids in his local community. as you can imagine, the kids are all very excited and we’re excited too!

this will be our third informal school we’ve been part of, run by the community for the community. we already help provide for the salaries and costs at um hassan’s camp to cover the home educational support for the two neighbouring camps there and we’re now ready to extend the support to this camp too but we need your help! as always, we really appreciate your constant support and donations, and if we can secure as little as $400 each month, we will be able to employ local teachers as part of our team and ensure some stability for the kids, as well as contributing to the local economy. so if you’re able to contribute in any way, please go to the link below!

lastly, we also want to say a big thank you to fnf lebanon and syria for helping to provide tools and wood to make this possible!